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Dental Implants, Dental Loupes, Surgical Loupes, Dental Supplier 


At LAMA Medical, we believe it is our responsibility to empower our dentists In Egypt to help them deliver the best dental Implant treatment to their patients

Lama medical employees and managers happy helping dentists and dental clinics in Egypt

SInce 2011, LAMA Medical has focused on supporting the dental market in Egypt with the Dental Implantology needs, now with over 80 employees serving in 4 branches all across Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, Assyout) we are able to deliver the support that every dentist needs better than anyone.


From the simplicity of making an order, to long working hour shifts, to availability of stocks to developing a system that integrates all the processes in a simple and effective manner. LAMA Medical was able to place itself as a market leader in supplying dental implant products all across Egypt.

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